Are streets really ‘kids safe’ these days??

Every other parent can be heard complaining about their kid not wanting to go out and play like the good old days when they themselves went out as kids and played there heart out. These days kids are more and more attracted by the digital entertainment the world has to offer them. Television, computer, laptop, mobile, Gameboy, PlayStation are just the starting of such distractions as the list can go on for pages.

Some researches show that kids are better off playing in their homes in front of huge led screens rather than playing in the streets or local parks. These are independent findings that show that crime rate is at its peak and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future, not only that road rage is also at its level best, young drivers drive carelessly and speed away in small streets regardless of the congestion of the roads. Just think about your precious prince or princess playing outside in such a world. Even you the parent will want to keep their child at home safe and under constant supervision of someone.

Doing so might look like the answer but is surely not as a physical activity for a kid is as important for a kid as their studies, kids might go on to become underdeveloped because of this. There is a much easier option available for parents these days which will ensure that their kid will get proper supervision and will also do proper physical activities, yes it’s none other than “FUNDERLAND”. It is the new thing in the city that every kid wants to visit and you the parent will want to take your kid to such a rewarding place. Even the parents can have a few hours to themselves as the kids indulge in some fun activities in the indoor play area in Delhi, where you can also host a birthday party for kid and kitty party for adults. It is the perfect birthday party venue in Rajouri Garden, Delhi which also offers a soft play area for really small kids.

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