Tired of listening your children complain??

If you are a parent then you can relate to this straight away. Especially when your kids are small and you can not spend enough time with them, they always complain to you that they are bored sitting at home and there are no kids of the same age group near your house. This generally happens when you live in a remote area of the city and not many people are around. This scenario can cause a lack of physical activity in your child resulting in them being underdeveloped. This problem generally also occurs when there are no indoor play areas in delhi near your house where other children might also come and play. The same thing can also happen when you the parent are extremely career driven and can spare no time for your innocent child, but your child being a child will not understand how important your next day meeting is or how much more important the report completion is than him. If you are not from the above lines and really want your child to have a normal play time then there is wonderful place Funderland in Rajouri Garden, Delhi.
It is a wonderful place where you can bring your child and unleash him to an amazing environment of fun filled activities and games that he/she will undoubtedly love to engage in.
Funderland is not just a kids play area but also a birthday party venue in Rajouri Garden. It can not only cater to children but adults also. Yes, you read it correctly it has an amazing restaurant that you and your partner can enjoy in while your kid engages in the fun stuff that the place has to offer.
It is one of the best places for kids birthday parties delhi as they do theme parties which are fairly popular among the kids.
So, next time you hear your child complain about the lack of friends and parks near your house, you know the place to visit to see your child filled with happiness and fun, and don’t forget the awesome restaurant that you can enjoy too.

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