Looking for a kids party venue to host your child’s birthday?

Soft Play Area Haven for kids in Delhi. Look no further we have the perfect place for you in south delhi, yes, we are talking about ‘Funderland’. Funderland has recently opened and has already become the best place for kids birthday parties in Delhi. The soft play area that is available is quite commendable as it can cater to a huge age group of children ranging from 6 months to 8 years. Now parents have a place to leave their infants safely and have some alone time to themselves. Have a look at the amazing ambience that funderland provides for your kids in the photos below.

The sheer innocence and joy that drips from the kids face while having fun with their friends at soft play area of funderland is enough for any parent to bring their kids back here. The place is not just about having fun and a good time but we also help children develop some motoring skills that would eventually help kids in their further growth.

We at funderland are constantly evolving our skills of managing children as on child is different than other and need different type of care when away from their parents. As a large no. of parents visit us with their kids on daily bases we are able to have interactions with different types of kids and are able to tackle any inconvenience that one kid might have. The place is ideal for new parents that are paranoid about separating from their kids. The place has an amazing restaurant for the parents where the parents can have some leisure time just like their kids.

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