“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”

In today’s fast paced life, parents are so busy with their careers and personal ‘me’ time that they have stopped giving priority to quality parent-child time. They seem to do their job by bringing an occasional gift for the child. But the fact is that children need parent’s time more than their materialistic presents.
A family meal time together is a great bonding time for the entire family and it can enforce great family values on especially a child. Playing with the child at home or taking an interest in their day-to-day school activities helps boost the child’s confidence and makes them feel more secure. An occasional outing with the children for fun and recreation is also very important.

Sometimes, the parents are left in a fix because they can’t figure out kids centric outings where the major focus is kid’s fun and parent-child bonding. Indoor play areas like ‘Funderland’ are one of the best recreational places for kids. With their innovative and interactive games and activities, these places provide a good family friendly environment for quality parent-child bonding.

Get your Kids off Digital Media


Kids now a days are hooked to digital media, from television to smartphones to ipads. These seem to be every child’s favourite pastime these days. The downside of this technology is that children today seem to have forgotten to indulge in physical activity. Playing outdoors has become a big no-no because of the growing levels of pollution and extreme temperatures. So, what is the solution for kid’s playtime? The new breed of indoor play area is the perfect answer. The children can have a fun time in the play area while the parents relax at the café.

‘Funderland’ in West Delhi’s Rajouri Garden is one of the latest state-of-the-art indoor play areas. With its ample space and activities for kids, the place is a perfect respite for tired parents. Kids can slide into the ball pool from the multi-level slides and they can jump jump jump all day long on the trampoline or move around on the palm tree. And when they get tired, they can just unwind by reading a book in the tree house! The jungle club house and the ball blasters are a complete delight for every child. The place also has an activity corner where the child can perform art and craft activities. They even conduct workshops for kids on a regular basis so it’s fun with learning. It’s various slides and games help develop the child’s motoring and sensory skills. The parent in the meantime can enjoy a scrumptious meal at their café.

With so many activities under one roof, Funderland is a sure delight for each parent and child. And as they say, a happy child leads to a happy parent..!

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