A place for two flip sides: Kids and Adults

More often than not you want to go out and have some fun with your friends and family but that place is generally not kids safe and even if it is kids themselves don’t want to go out with you as you go to a social outing place rather that a fun place like a soft play area near you. Kids and adults have a different definition of fun if you ask them.

A place for two flip sides Kids and Adults

For kids, it is generally like a play area or an indoor fun

activity place and for adults or parents if we say the place is generally like a lounge, a fine dining restaurant or a disc once a while, both when needed to be in each other’s places don’t enjoy their time and generally don’t want to be in that situation. Funderland is an amazing place in Delhi RajouriGarden which allows you to have the best of both worlds.

A place for two flip sides Kids and Adults2

Funderland has a soft play area, indoor activities for kids, learning activities for kids and many more things, while on the other hand, it has an amazing restaurant that serves hot delicious food and has an amazing ambience which makes it appealing for the parents also. It is a really difficult task to make the both groups happy at one place as both have such wide definitions of fun as mentioned earlier but Funderland does an amazing job at making sure that both the children and the parents have an amazing, fun and Joyful experience when they visit the place and keep on wanting to visit the place.

It is a very common sight at Funderland like in the pictures above that both the children and parents are seen enjoying their time and bonding at the same time.

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