Your child is not a fussy eater -Funderland is set to change the Parents’ Perception

funderland kids eat cake

We are a kids friendly place and we encourage physical activities. The idea with which we started Funderland was to create a place where we take kids away from their mundane routines and from the video games and T.V. sets. We let kids run amok and enjoy as much as possible. Since its a soft play zone, the Parents worry less. There are no chances of their kid getting hurt. Our attendants look after the kids and they also play with them. The environment we create is so friendly that kids come again and again to play here. They look for the same didi who had attended them earlier. We create happiness and we spread it to the kids and their parents with utmost care. Generally people who walk in here or throw a party for their kid complain that kids these days don’t eat but we are here to change this perception of the parents. While designing the activities for the kids or the restaurant we have kept in mind that the colour, the ambience and even the crockery is kids friendly and vibrant. The food menu which we have is kids centric. After an hour of play in which a child is continuously on the move and does a lot of physical exercise, he/she is sure to feel hungry. At home they might be fussy eaters but here they eat and even relish the food. We feel humbled when we see kids eating and parents enjoying that glad moment. Every party of ours is successful not just that our parents love what we serve but also because kids too play, eat and enjoy.

Parents it’s an urge that let your kids play and tire themselves, we assure you that not a day will go when they won’t eat what you will serve or else bring them to Funderland and we make sure your kid eats a healthy food in a healthy environment.

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