Summer Camp Encourage Children for Physical Activities

summer camp

With the advent of summers the parents get worried about their kids, where to utilize or channelize the energy. During school days they are busy with school works , tuition, and all sorts of activities but what about summers. The biggest challenge that parents have to face is to how to keep them occupied. Keeping that in mind Funderland started its own Summer Camp in collaboration of Mothers’ Mount Global School. The activities were selected with utmost care so that the kids remain engaged, learn and have fun simultaneously. The idea with which Funderland was initiated was to encourage children to do physical activities. In summer camp also we did the same the kids were given an hour of playtime each day. The basic idea in each of the class was to build up the confidence of the child and improve their language skill. It was taken in all the classes along with the activities like clay modelling, me on my map, flameless cooking, chocolate making, glass painting, craft out of waste, bag making & many more. The program was very successful, kids enjoyed all the activities and their creative side came to the fore. Mothers were glad that their kids were safe and their kids are learning something new each day. The entire four weeks program went very well and we earned applauds from the parents and kids both. What else we needed? A bright smileon a child’ face gives us the reward we wished for.
Like all good things the Summer Camp also came to an end. We celebrated it with a party where all moms were invited too. Kids were awarded with certificates. Every one enjoyed the dance party we had thrown for them. All in all a successful program where kids had fun and we in return got memories to share and cherish.

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