Why Funderland is Best Indoor Play Area in Delhi ?

In today life everybody is running behind their dreams, no one have the time to stay and think actually where their real happiness is. Besides this, Kids also wants their parents time. They want to play with their parents and also like to listen stories but due to modern and...Read More »

A place for two flip sides: Kids and Adults

More often than not you want to go out and have some fun with your friends and family but that place is generally not kids safe and even if it is kids themselves don’t want to go out with you as you go to a social outing place rather that...Read More »

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”

In today’s fast paced life, parents are so busy with their careers and personal ‘me’ time that they have stopped giving priority to quality parent-child time. They seem to do their job by bringing an occasional gift for the child. But the fact is that children need parent’s time more...Read More »

Looking for a kids party venue to host your child’s birthday?

Soft Play Area Haven for kids in Delhi. Look no further we have the perfect place for you in south delhi, yes, we are talking about ‘Funderland’. Funderland has recently opened and has already become the best place for kids birthday parties in Delhi. The soft play area that...Read More »

Tired of listening your children complain??

If you are a parent then you can relate to this straight away. Especially when your kids are small and you can not spend enough time with them, they always complain to you that they are bored sitting at home and there are no kids of the same age group...Read More »

Are streets really 'kids safe' these days??

Every other parent can be heard complaining about their kid not wanting to go out and play like the good old days when they themselves went out as kids and played there heart out. These days kids are more and more attracted by the digital entertainment the world has to...Read More »